Engage With Your Audience



Hello? Is anybody there?

Imagine being online and having that moment of doubt — of wondering if anybody knows or even cares.

It’s scary and lonely, reaching out and getting few if any responses. I’m here to tell you, that’s not how it’s supposed to be.

And you know what? If you do things in the right order and the right way, you’ll find people welcoming you to their conversations. Presto — you have an audience. Yes, it really can be that easy.

The New Web

How do we do that? We have to adjust to the reality of the social Web. The online world has transformed into a social environment with a life of its own. It has literally changed the course of history several times, and it looks set to do so again.

Youre-my-friendSucceeding online these days demands a lot of coordinated activity. Luckily, the things you have to do now are a lot like what people used to do before there even was a Web. Developing a good reputation, making friends, being reliable, showing respect — it all works mostly the same online, too. But there are differences, and it’s not just about “mastering” Facebook or LinkedIn.

For example, on one particular day, I met people from Brazil, Finland, Ecuador, Newfoundland, Quebec, England, Japan, the US, Mexico, Australia, and Hungary. In the same afternoon. Online behavior is developing into a new super-culture with rules of its own. People from many backgrounds are coming together and developing a universal style of good conduct.

What It Takes

What does that mean for you? Well, sure, the basics sound easy. Just be nice. Remember that behind every screen is a person who knows other people — who has problems they wish would go away — who has joys they wish they could hold onto forever.

This new online culture does have its quirks, though. When the stakes are high, it’s a good idea to have a resource person who can act as a cultural consultant with decades of experience getting along with people from all walks of life and all parts of the world.

That would be me, of course. I am familiar with many cultures and languages. I’m also very good at getting people to open up and share their thoughts and feelings, both online and offline.

If you’d like help and insight when you want to reach out, . This is what I do.